Have been speaking to some of my clients who are partners or spouses of people with physical and/or emotional disabilities.  My partner is also disabled, so I have a first-hand understanding of what this is like.

The group will be occurring every other Tuesday, starting at 4 and going to either 5:30 or 6pm, depending on the number of people attending.  I will be making up some intake forms specific to group members.  An initial video conferencing consultation will be required.  The fee will be $40/session.  No insurance accepted for group.  As with all my services, payment will be required prior to the time of the session (this is so I don’t have to spend time doing billing).  I expect this to be an ongoing group, as our partners’ disabilities are usually ongoing.  Every other session, either myself or another group member will be providing an educational component, taking approx. 10 min. of group time.  Please let me know if you are interested.  The group will continue to add members, so, while there is no immediate deadline, we do need at least 3-4 more people who are interested to start the group.  Hoping to start the group within the next 4-8 weeks.  This group will always be virtual, as some members live in the Capital Region of NY.