Customer Testimonials

Cate is amazing! She has been the rudder that has helped me to transition from a primarily straight life to a primarily gay life over the past 10 years. 

I am pansexual, but I always knew I wanted l kids–which is why I wound up married to a man with two boys. Unfortunately, my husband and I had some major differences in philosophy and values.
He was straight but polyamorous, and I was pan but monogamous. This caused significant clashes with our personalities and we just weren’t compatible enough for us to stay together past the 15 year mark.
Cate helped me to navigate my thoughts and feelings as I made the transition, and I will be forever grateful to her. I have found my true soulmate, who happens to be a woman, and we are looking forward to our happily ever after.

I’m an early thirties male working in the biotech industry and have been seeing Cate as my therapist for over three years now, primarily to cope with the overwhelming grief after the passing of multiple close family members. Her depth of knowledge combined with her genuine compassion has been a beacon of hope during my most challenging times. Her understanding, patience, and insightful guidance have been truly invaluable. Over the years, not only has she listened intently to my struggles, but she has also equipped me with actionable strategies and practical tools to navigate through the toughest moments of my grief. This holistic approach to therapy, where I felt both heard and empowered, has been transformative for me. It’s evident that she genuinely cares about her clients and is deeply committed to their well-being. Her professionalism and non-judgmental approach made me feel at ease from the very beginning. I can’t express enough gratitude for the progress I’ve made under her guidance. I wholeheartedly recommend Cate to anyone in need of compassionate, comprehensive, and effective therapy.


My name is Casey and I am a 28 year old male, Mechanical Design Engineer in upstate NY. I have been routinely seeing Cate Richardson for about 18 months and am proud to say I am a much better and healthier person because of it.

Through my sessions with Cate, we were able to identify several areas that needed attention and discussion in order to improve my mental and physical state. I originally started seeing Cate for anger and anxiety issues, however over time she educated me that my anger and anxiety are really depression in disguise. Over time we started to develop techniques and implement life changes to allow me to calm down and realize the situation, and react accordingly.

To this day I can honestly say that  I feel like a better, healthier person, all from guidance from my sessions with Cate, and I would recommend her to anyone, young or old, male or female that feels like they need someone to talk to, or some guidance.


I have worked with Cate for over a period of 3 years. She was able to help me through a very traumatic and difficult time of loss and renewed grief in my life. Cate taught me several anxiety decreasing skills. Cate was able to teach me several strategies, helping me stay calm while I prepared and gave a victim’s impact statement and to process the experience thereafter. Additionally, Cate helped me begin the work of dealing with both previous and subsequent losses of additional family members as well as work with other relationships in my life.

I found Cate to be very professional in her work and a great resource. She encouraged me to be creative, to use visualization and sensory exercises and to make time to take care of myself. Despite not always wanting to face the hard work I knew I would do, I always looked forward to my time spent with Cate and am grateful to have had her in my life.

Beth, 62

Newly Retired Teacher

My counseling sessions with Cate since 2014 for anxiety and depression aided navigating professional relationships, life decision points, stresses and health issues. Her professional collaborative approach with me provided empathy, respect and wisdom. She is willing to consult with a colleague when indicated. Through Cate’s sessions my anxiety and depression have significantly lessened and I have found ongoing personal growth.

Steven, age 68, gay


When my thirty-something son disclosed to me that he was transitioning to a female, I experienced all 5 stages of mourning. The fear, anxiety, depression, grief, and yes, anger were unbearable.

The work with Cate helped me to acclimate to my new normal. She provided me with insightful examples and tools to manage my feelings. We especially worked on managing my co-dependence, which had now kicked into high gear.

In a fairly short time, I was able to achieve my goals of acceptance, serenity and alleviation of anxiety about my daughter.
I highly recommend her, especially if transgenderism is new territory for you as a parent.

Anna, age 71

When I started, I was still in denial about depression and anxiety, to the point where I was barely able to go to work. I sought help in order to save my job. Cate helped me to see my situation honestly, and in a forward-looking way. She helped push me forward, while not letting me feel overwhelmed.

Gary, 41

Office Clerk , Hispanic Male

Having faced persistent social anxiety and depression for multiple years, I decided to reach out for help, in hopes to learn how to navigate the challenges associated with anxiety and depression. I connected with Cate immediately thereafter, and started seeing her regularly, about once a week. Over our time spent together, Cate has introduced me to multiple breathing and mindfulness exercises, which has helped me stay present and has calmed my mind. In adopting these exercises in my everyday life, I have learned to appreciate things more, reduce self induced stress and worry less. Overall I have developed a confidence in managing my anxiety and depression, which has helped me tremendously, in my life, my career, my relationships and my personal growth.

Ernesto, Age 30, Hispanic


As a 46 year old male who works in the human services field facing the most challenging circumstance in my life, I realized I was not in control of my situation and not capable of finding peaceful internal resolution without professional guidance and feedback. A friend referred me to Cate which I am so thankful for. Her insight and wisdom assisted me in transforming a life of chaos – into a life of peace, contentment and one where I have control over my future. Cate helped me work through years of unhealthy thinking as I lived in a codependent marriage that I ended prior to seeing her. I appreciate the constant challenges she posed to me and I strongly recommend taking advantage of her natural ability, backed by years of experience.
Eric, 46

I have been working with Cate since 2012.  She has helped me learn techniques to manage stress and have better personal interactions in my life.  I’ve had other therapists as a child and teen but she’s the first I have wanted to stick with because she cares, listens and has always been willing to work with my unusual kitchen schedule for appointments.   She helped me make it through the some of the toughest parts of my life so far and I wouldn’t be nearly as well adjusted without our sessions together. 
Amanda, 31