LGBTQ Counseling Services Rhinebeck NY


I provide specialized services to the LGBTQ+ community.  I am an out Cis Lesbian and finally got married to my partner of 24 years three years ago. This was both for romantic reasons and to protect my rights.  I am quite familiar with the struggles inherent in being queer in an often invalidating world.  A recent example of this occurred when I came out in a Facebook post (from my business page), and I got some heterosexist remarks, eg. ‘why don’t you keep this private…why do you have to tell people?’  It is remarkable how oblivious some Straight people are re. how often they refer to their own sexual orientation, which is quite often.  Also recently, my partner and I were called names for holding hands walking down the street in Oneonta.

In addition to meeting the emotional needs of my own community, I strongly support the rights of the Transgender, Genderqueer, and non-Binary communities.  I have supported and assisted members of these communities by helping them to accept and to celebrate themselves and by supporting their transition to the gender identity that feels right for them. I have met with family members of Genderqueer clients, and also with my clients and their family members together, to help the family members be more supportive of their Genderqueer family. I should note that the vast majority of my clients are Straight and supportive, however, I would welcome more clients like me.