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Stress / Anxiety

This is best said by one of my clients: “Cate has introduced me to multiple breathing and mindfulness exercises, which has helped me stay present and has calmed my mind…I have learned to appreciate things more, reduced self-induced stress and worry less.”

Chronic Pain / Illness

In treating people with chronic pain or illness, I validate the difficulties of living with chronic pain/Illness. I help people come to an acceptance of their situation and assist them to find ways to bring joy to their life as much as possible, eg. by paying attention to the small pleasures/victories. I encourage as much social and physical activity as possible.


This is an LGBTQ+ affirming practice. While the outside world can be an invalidating place, your time with me will be Queer-positive.

I understand the needs and intricacies of the Queer community.

I have helped Transgender and Non-binary clients to accept themselves and to transition to a gender identity that is comfortable for them.


I encourage focus on the things that go right with ones day, shifting the focus to positive thinking.  I assist people to identify healthy activities that are pleasurable for them and encourage them to do more of these.  I encourage more social interaction and physical activity.


I help people to manage the anger and irritability that often accompany Bipolar disorders. I assist people diagnosed as Bipolar not to catastrophize their diagnosis and to realize that they can live normal, healthy lives if they follow treatment recommendations. If someone is presenting as manic or hypomanic, I will (with my client’s permission) collaborate with their psychiatric provider to see if their medication may require adjusting.

Psychotherapy Sessions Rhinebeck NY

About Cate

I have 25 years of post-Masters experience, over 15 of which I have spent doing psychotherapy.  For the last 9 years, I have been working with adults and couples at the well-regarded practice of Bick Wanck MD and Associates, serving residents of New York State’s Capital region and the Saratoga Springs community.  For over six years prior, I worked for an outpatient mental health clinic as a child and family therapist.

Virtual Therapist Testimonials

When I started, I was still in denial about depression and anxiety, to the point where I was barely able to go to work. I sought help in order to save my job. Cate helped me to see my situation honestly, and in a forward-looking way. She helped push me forward, while not letting me feel overwhelmed.

Gary, 41

Office Clerk , Hispanic Male

My counseling sessions with Cate during the last several years for anxiety and depression aided navigating professional relationships, life decision points, stresses and health issues. Her professional collaborative approach with me provided empathy, respect and wisdom. She is willing to consult with a colleague when indicated. Through Cate’s sessions my anxiety and depression have significantly lessened and I have found ongoing personal growth.
Steven, Age 68, Gay


I have worked with Cate for over a period of 3 years. She was able to help me through a very traumatic and difficult time of loss and renewed grief in my life. Cate taught me several anxiety decreasing skills. Cate was able to teach me several strategies, helping me stay calm while I prepared and gave a victim’s impact statement and to process the experience thereafter. Additionally, Cate helped me begin the work of dealing with both previous and subsequent losses of additional family members as well as work with other relationships in my life.

Beth, 62

Newly Retired Teacher